Total Fitness Zone Rules

Member Check-in:
Members must present their membership card at the front desk to check in.
Guest Cheek-in:
Guests must pay a guest ice upon checking in at the front desk. All guests must register in the guest log
and provide a current driver’s license.
Membership Card Replacement:
A fee will be charged for replacement or a lost card.
Lockers are for use while you at present at the club. Members must provide their own lock to secure their
valuables. The Total Fitness Zone reserves the right to remove locks after closing and dispose of any
remaining articles on a daily basis. We are not responsible for any lost or stolen articles.
Solicitation of products or services is prohibited in the club unless pro-arranged through the Total Fitness
Comfortable and appropriate clothing is recommended for all exercise activities. The Total Fitness Zone
reserves the right to determine the acceptability of all exercise attire.
No Muddy Shoes allowed.
To ensure the safety and enjoyment of our members a code of conduct has been established.
The Total Fitness Zone reserves the right to revoke membership for infractions of this code.
Specific infractions may include, but are not limited to:
• Fighting or horseplay
• Use of offensive language
• Spitting
• Unauthorized solicitation and or distribution in club
• Failure to pay membership fee on a timely basis
• Theft or damage of club property
• Behavior that the club deems offensive or unsafe to other members
The club has final say on the acceptability of all conduct as it relates to the continuation of membership.

Violations of the Club Rules:
If any member violates any of the rules listed above, the Total Fitness Zone may terminate that individual’s
membership. The Total Fitness Zone will not be responsible for refunds of initiation fees or membership
dues because of termination.

Policy Changes:
The Total Fitness Zone reserves the right to make changes to any and all of the rules of the club. Any
changes in policies and procedures concerning operations of the club will be posted for the convenience
and understanding of our members.